Mon 20 Apr 2020 19:34

A strange and disjointed season with several weeks lost to poor weather and COVID 19 lockdown! Firstly a thankyou to every player, parent/guardian and coach who has come along in all weathers, joined in, encouraged and helped out in one way or another. Thank you to Kate, Jane, Jon and Dan who have helped me immeasurably to coach the team! To those that have played a small but important part in; being a car park marshal, selling raffle tickets, marking out pitches, helping carry and clear up training equipment, giving lifts, donating clothes in the Bag2school initiative and most importantly encouraging and supporting your child in playing rugby THANK YOU. Roundhegians is your club and this is your team and it is all the better for you being part of it…..

New rules

Roundhegians U10s have grown stronger again this year with new skills and players emerging! This season saw the introduction of basic rucking and 3 man uncontested scrums which our age group have begun to “understand”.

Scrummaging has be adopted very quickly with every player understanding their basic positions and roles. The ruck at the best of times, even at senior level, is a mess and U10s is not much different! The concept of “jackling” and rucking over is a skill that is “ a work in progress”. Coupled with the offside rule, entry “through the gate” and being “off your feet” it is a complex but essential part of the game that our players have adopted very well and continue to build on. Legends at this are Max and Isaac.


The team’s game awareness and overall skill development have been impressive with every single player showing an increased level of passion, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Finally the years of shouting “pass the ball!” are paying off with some great tries scored out wide and some impressive running rugby at times! Legends at this are Toby, Daniel, Joseph, Jake and Sal. At times they have been untouchable with opposition players grasping a thin air as they a sidestepping past.

The team’s commitment to tackle has clearly stepped up a level with some opposition teams being gang tackled and forced backwards 1-2 meters from the try line. Legends at this are James, Oscar, Reuben and Andrew. The determination to deny the try is immense!

Some players have naturally gravitated to certain positions and particular passing legends are Lars, Noah, Arlo. The distribute the ball to our other players and show signs of being natural scrum half and fly halves….

Particular legends this season have been some of newer and quieter players who have really stepped up and kept coming back these are Dylan (Tripp) Dylan and Felix. These players have begun to realise how good they are and grown in their participation and maturity towards the game.

Finally our newcomers; Jack, Spencer and Katie (and Isobel). Each has shown their own level of commitment and skill progression at different aspects of the game. If the rest of the team progress and the same rate as these players we will be unbeatable! Learning new laws and a whole new game is difficult but these three have shown how easy it can be!

The coaching team hope to see you again for the 2020/21 season with new rules and new enthusiasm! Stay safe and see you in September!

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